Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why MySpace and Facebook? (a question about online social networking)?

Do you have an account on an Online Social Networking Website (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, etc.) if so, W-H-Y? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Why MySpace and Facebook? (a question about online social networking)?
MySpace - photo comments

Friendster - main purpose is to add more friends.

Facebook - to keep in touch with 'real' friends

Hi5 - similar copy of friendster with different name.

Xanga - featured profile of getting to know a person deeper.

Bebo - Similar to hi5 and friendster

Multiply - to communicate by sharing photos with friends

Yahoo! 360- Something like Xanga

DeviantArt - for art lovers where great pictures are posted and commented.
Reply:I do not have MySpace but I have Facebook.

I think that with either, you have to be careful. A bit more careful than writing emails, but a bit less careful than buying things online. it all comes down to how much information you are willing to share with people. The more information you share with friends, the more info that "others" can see also. That's the case with anything, just like Facebook and MySpace.

However, it appears that Facebook has a better way of hiding info from those that are not your friends. I have clicked on people's MySpace profiles and I dont even have a MySpace account! In Facebook, you have to LOG IN FIRST. Then, they can still decide not to let you see their profile if they choose to.

The benefits? It's the lazy man's way of keeping in touch with people you know casually and wouldnt otherwise call or email. You can see up to date pics of them, if they choose to share them. You can see a phone number change, and email address change, their current occupation, their other friends, etc. without even having to request it from them or them having to send out a broadcast email to all their friends.

Also, you can get back in touch with people you haven't seen in years! Which is what I have done so easily through Facebook, considering I have lived in 5 diff states and 2 diff countries!

It's good to take the pros from it and stay away from the cons. Be smart and safe, and you'll enjoy it!
Reply:I have a myspace account. Through myspace, I was able to connect with several people I had lost touch with. See, I grew up and went to school in Indiana, and moved to Mississippi after high school. No real disadvantages that I have encountered. My stepdad got a computer virus from myspace though... You just have to be smart and be careful. Only communicate with people that you know personally, or it can get out of control.
Reply:myspace and xanga don't appear too no to that..

but facebook is pretty decent..and its a good way to keep in touch with people you don't see regularly.

you have to ofcourse be careful.

but for me, i've gotten in touch with people from elementary school again and so thats pretty cool.
Reply:I hardly use my facebook, and I use Myspace a few times a week to add new photos, and chat with friends
Reply:Put simply, as stupid as they may seem, they are sometimes the only way to keep in touch with friends. Mostly, I use them as ways to keep in touch with friends in college. One of my friends is a friend in Virginia who ONLY has a Myspace and only replies to it, which is frustrating, but I love my friends.

And I am careful online, so I don't add people left and rights. My online areas are friends only for a reason.


What programming languages are needed to create a social networking site such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook

I've often wondered how these things work, the most advanced my website knowledge is a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, what goes into making a social networking site and what kind of programming languages are used?

What programming languages are needed to create a social networking site such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook
Sites like this use a programming language that can interact with a server which probably stores content in a database.

I personally use PHP and MYSQL but there are other server-side languages too such as ASP.Net

Before you start you need to make sure that your web space is able to parse a programming language else it will be a complete waste of your time. Other than that there are plenty of places that offer cheap hosting if you want to have a dabble.

You will find that learning a programming language will open up your web-designing to a whole new level!

Try a search like PHP 101 for some basic tutorials.
Reply:the basic structure of such web pages is all the same: they have a big database, and a server-side program which gets the input from your browser, processes it, and returns an HTML file to your browser, which is then displayed.

On the server side, you can basically use any programming language for this. php is very popular for small or medium sized web pages. Java is also very popular for medium sized or big web pages. I know that amazon is built from hundreds of different modules written in different programming languages.
Reply:You can use readymade software for making a community based website.

Here are the best free option for you,

I hope this'll help you.

Have Fun

Alternatively you may contact a web designer to set it up for you. Check websites like
Reply:for that you need to use, AJAX, JSP etc.
Reply:A server side scripting language like PHP, coldfusion, ASP.NET to act as the middleman between the database and website, interact and make changes to the database.

A Database Management System (DBMS) such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access to manage the database, which will store the registered user info such as address, email, phone number etc etc.

Can the the moonfruit website builder be used to build a social networking site?

Hi everyone, i am planning to build a social networking site, but i am not a good programmer, a friend of mine recommended using the moonfruit website buider Has anyone used this application and can it be used to build a proffessional looking social networking site ? eg facebook

Can the the moonfruit website builder be used to build a social networking site?
May be you can contact a web designer at website like .

Can one use other companies chat logo on social networking website?

On a social networking website, is it legally okay to use the chat icons of major chat applications like Yahoo, Google, AIM, MSN or ICQ, lets say, on the user profile page to display the user IM contact information?

Can one use other companies chat logo on social networking website?
You better not! otherwise you'll be landing into some serious legal issues.

All logos and trademarks are copyright, and you cannot, in any way or medium, reproduce them for your own use.

If you want to, ask for proper rights from the owner.

Why are people scared of talking to strangers on social networking sites?

why do people use social networking sites to keep in touch with people in the physical world? why are they scared of meeting people outside thhei soial network?

Why are people scared of talking to strangers on social networking sites?
Pedafiles, serial killers, and other people are often found on these sites, and according to the news ALL of them have them on it, so people are scared out of their minds about being raped and murdered.
Reply:probably because of sexual predators and other sick-o's in the world
Reply:a lot of scary ppl on the internet

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Why do filipinos go online and join social networking sites?

Hi everyone! im having a thesis about social networking in the Philippines. Your answers will be a big help. Thanks!

Why do filipinos go online and join social networking sites?
Becuase they want a Green Card from the US. Every single one of them i talked too told me thats what htey wanted...
Reply:A friend of mine in the U.S. actually got 'involved' with several different filipino ladies online. He asked them all this same question. Many of the women were looking for a way out of the Phillipines, hoping to come to the U.S. where many of their friends have gone--that and the men in their lives were basically lazy and insisted on the women doing all the work to support least that was the overall consensus. Right or wrong here, it makes sense. Filipino women are very beautiful and very loyal. This truly appeals to U.S. men as many here are fed up with women here who have all but lost the ability to give to a relationship. All U.S. women seem to want is to know what they can GET. So you have a 2 way street here. U.S. men like what the filipino women are offering and the filipino women like the idea of having a loving, stable relationship in the U.S.
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Reply:Chops, speak for your own mother, all US women are not greedy and only what, what, want. it is true, women from the Philippines are looking for a way to get into the USA, so i would say that women on those kinds of dating networks, sites, are preying on men who are maybe a bit naive and vulnerable and lets face it, unattractive. I mean put yourself in there shoes, if u wanted out of someplace so bad, and one of the only ways to get out was to kiss butt to some fat Joe sitting behind a PC? It is deffo a 2 way street here.

Also it is not only Philippine women that do this. I have heard about Russian polish and some people in africa trying the same thing.

How to approach a girl on a social networking site when she hardly knws u?

i came accrross this very sweet girl in a social networking site,she has a very big,long list of friends,but i really like her,i know that to start a conversation i have to be her friend first,its really fine,but how to even make Friendship with her?

How to approach a girl on a social networking site when she hardly knws u?
Just go up to her and say hi, whats your name? Nice to meet you *name* I'm blah blah but you can call me blah. Then start having a conversation. I guess you can start by talking about the weather and such.